Qualifications for Recipients

  1. In order to qualify to receive funds for training, gear, and travel, candidates must not have received any open water training since the injury or disease that caused the physical disability.

  2. Qualifications include:
    • Clearly recognized physical disability that prevents the individual from obtaining a standard Open Water Certification

      - And -

    • Inability to pay for services

      - Or-

    • Physical disability as a result of injuries received in active duty military service

  3. All candidates must have a medical release signed by a licensed physician and received by Dive Pirates prior to beginning training.

  4. Candidates from military service must be fully discharged prior to travel for diving.

  5. All Classified Divers and Classified Buddies will have active Divers Alert Network (DAN) insurance prior to travel for diving.

At the discretion of the Dive Pirates Foundation, the able-bodied classified buddy(ies) and/or instructor's trip or gear for the Classified Buddy(ies) will be paid for to maintain the safety of the Classified Diver. Dive Pirates will pay for only one trip for the Classified Diver and Buddy(ies), and any subsequent trips, must be paid for by the Classified Diver and buddy team.